• Zoe Qian

5 Secrets to Finding Happiness

Secret number 5 to Finding Happiness is: let go the past and live in the present!

We all learn from our experiences. And once learned, we move on. Knowing that we are now stronger and wiser, it is time to apply these lessons and live in the present, to truly enjoy now!

Secret number 4 to Finding Happiness is: lower expectations of others!

We should all expect highly of ourselves but lower our expectations to others. The former helps us to learn, to grow, to try harder. And the latter means we won't be any more disappointed than needed.

Secret number 3 secret to Finding Happiness is: love and connection!

Love and connection is one of the basic human needs. Without love, our lives would be so boring and plain. It is also the source of our happiness. We all need to love and be loved. Finding love is finding happiness.

Secret number 2 secret to Finding Happiness is: me first!

This is not selfish; this is not arrogant. Without looking after ourselves first and foremost, how can we look after others? When I am happy, I then have the capacity to show and share happiness with others. 'ME first' means to satisfy our own interests and needs.

Secret number 1 to Finding Happiness is: sense of accomplishment!

Life is never easy, but every step forward is an accomplishment. Knowing that we learned, we grew and finally accomplished something, it's the greatest validation of our own capacity. Enjoy now, enjoy yourself and enjoy the success! You deserve the happiness.

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