• Zoe Qian

Feather light feelings

Do you want to feel light, peaceful and happy? When was the last time you actually feeling content with yourself and the surroundings?

For too long, we have been living with other people's expectations and dreams. Our happiness are actually their happiness. We are so lost in the world of numbers and dollars and demands. At least that was me, for a very long time.

One day I went to a two day event and learned hypnosis. That was the day I opened my mind to a new world. I never thought it could be this easy to feel good, to feel alive and be positive. Every day I discover myself a little more, and every day I get to overcome my limitations with new ways of thinking and new behaviour.

Now I'm a certified hypnotherapist and Life Coach. I'm the author of upcoming book "Broken-Heart Cure - How to recover from a bad breakup in 90 days". I found a cure for my own sadness and depression. Would you like to cure your broken-heart?

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