• Zoe Qian

Can Hypnosis really help with weight loss?

The short answer is 'Yes', but it's not without hard work. Hypnosis can help you get your mind ready and then you are more than willing to work on your health, your body and your future.  

For best results, 4 sessions in 4 weeks is recommended to target different area of your life: exercises, diet, right mind and positive emotions. 

Week 1 - Establish a goal for your exercises. A measurable goal clearly defined within certain time frame. With the help of hypnosis, you are able to find and commit to regular exercises that will kick start your healthy living. 

Week 2 - Hypnosis can help you to be more aware of good and bad diet. Change your craving for centain unhealthy choices and increase the likeliness of healthy food which you don't like currently. 

Week 3 - Change limiting belief: get the mind right for the right reason and right result. The story we tell ourselves regarding weight maybe one major factor that we are unwilling to change to a more healthy way of living. Hypnosis can easily change limiting believes and hence create the enthusiasm needed for the new habits. 

Week 4 - Change negative emotions tied up with positive habits, and change unfavourable emotions tired up with bad habits. Once pleasure and joy are associated with the good habits, we will tend to repeat the behaviour and establish new habits, easily and effortlessly. 

Is this time now to make the switch? The aim here is not just lose pounds but establish healthy habits. 

Contact me for a short 15 min assessment or book a session online. Let's start living!

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