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If you are suffering from emotional pain, endless self-criticism and self-doubt, then talk to me! I have been there, I know what you are going through. 

Are you ready to let your past relationships rest in peace? Are you ready to move on with your life? If yes, then you have come to the right place!

My new book "Broken-Heart Cure - How to recover from a bad breakup in 90 days" will help you to ease your emotional pain after the loss of your loved one.

What I am offering you in my book are strategies, techniques and tools that you can apply and change yourself for the better.

We have been living with other people's expectations for far too long. It is time to live our own lives. I discovered a new me through all of the training and coaching sessions I had, and now feels so damn good to be me! 


What about you?

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My daughter loves unicorns. A few years back, while I was driving home with her, she dared me to speed up in a quiet small street. I was tempted. Soon came a roundabout, and there was a tree on the corner.


I joked to her: "If I accidentally hit the tree, and if you happen to see a unicorn, just go with it!"


Right after that I realised something was wrong with my words and with me! I was overweight, over-worked, in a cold relationship, and I was quite depressed to a level that I wasn't aware of. Not only was I ready to leave this world, I was hoping my girl would come with me...


According to BeyondBlue, there are over 1 million people suffering depression in any one year. Depression is a common mental illness together with anxiety. However both are treatable. 


For me, I will always remember that day, that remark I made while driving, and I am grateful that I realised my problem at that moment. I'm grateful that I found hypnosis, I found table tennis, I found myself and I'm truly happy again. 


Being a certified hypnotherapist and life coach, I made a promise to bring some brightness into other people's lives. What I have experienced, what I had gone through was something of a hidden treasure. I understand how you feel and how difficult it is to open up and seek help. 


Rest assured, all conversations are totally confidential. Make an appointment, and let me show you that the life you dare not dream about is actually attainable. 

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