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"Hi Zoe,

I just want to thank you for giving me strategies and helping me to achieve my goals. The sessions got me back on track. They helped me with my anxiety and stomach pain. I would recommend you to anyone who suffers with anxiety issues."

Natalie Jennings


"Hello Zoe. I just have to say something to you. I am loving where I am in my life at the moment and I owe that to you and your help and guidance you have shared with me. I am stronger than I thought and not as messed up as I thought and I enjoy me. Thank you. It means a lot to me. xxx"

Glenys Brooks:

"Three weeks before writing this testimonial I had a bad car accident in which a car drove up the back of me and pushed me into the car in front. This left me with whiplash, an extremely sore chest and shoulders, severely aggravated upper and lower back issues, plus an extreme fear of driving and of other drivers.

Zoe and I met accidentally (or was it fate?) in an open online forum. Zoe informed me that tapping (otherwise known as the emotional freedom technique) could help me overcome my problems.

So I booked in for an hour session with her.

It turned out that we didn’t need an hour! Within 30 minutes, Zoe had taken my fear and anxiety from a 9/10 (really bad) down to a 3/10 (huge improvement)! I later reduced this even further by continuing to tap by myself, realising that the more I tapped, the more my fear was reduced. If my fear or anxiety returns slightly, I just do another round of tapping to bring it down again. Too easy!

We also worked on my pain, which was an 8/10, and took it down to a 1/10! I was out of pain and feeling good about driving again! And it took just 30 minutes! I was moving about freely and the anxious and tense feelings I had were completely gone!

If you have any negative emotions such as a phobia, partnership breakup, grief, anxiety, etc. then I highly recommend that you seek Zoe’s services. Or at the very least, read her book. An invaluable go-to book for the broken-hearted (and so much more).

Zoe is a very professional, friendly lady who knows what you need. If you can’t get to her, then Zoe can Skype you. That’s how I was cured.

This is only my third ever written testimonial and so I don’t say this lightly ...

Don’t put it off any longer! There is no need to suffer."

Deanne Banks:

"Hi Zoe, so wonderful to meet you at the 48-hour retreat. Thank you so much for all your help and support. I found your energy healing coaching so valuable. Within just a few minutes, my energy levels were replenished, and now three hours later I’m still feeling energised, relaxed and really positive. Your problem solving skills are remarkable. I just made a few complaints and you immediately knew what to do to help me. I loved the tapping session to ease pain, as I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, so this will be a great help for me in the mornings. I am very appreciative to have met you and had some time to get to know you. I found you so easy to connect with; I could trust you immediately, and I loved your sense of humour and ease dealing with my difficulties.

You really are an expert and I’m so excited to learn to clean up my thinking and become more positive. Thank you, my friend."

Year 11 student with arachnophobia (fear of spider):

"It felt strange to just tap parts of my body and talk to myself, but as I did it, I realised it was actually working and helping me calm down and not be so scared. It was a unique experience that I’ll always remember, and
it ended up helping me. I’m thankful for that."

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