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Have you found that you are not able to move on from a relationship that has ended and are sick of it holding you back?


Are you mourning the loss of someone who just doesn't deserve you?


Are you still waiting for the 'ping' in the phone that you know will never come?


Do you feel cold and alone when you enter your empty house that used to be a place of love?


You are suffering from Broken Heart Syndrome and it is time to take ‘the Cure’!


In this must read book, author Zoe Qian reveals her cure for a broken heart and will have you easing your emotional pain in as short as 10 days and getting over your bad relationship in 90 days!


Having been through several challenging breakups, Zoe discovered a solution that worked for her, and she now reveals her Broken-Heart Cure within these life-changing pages.


It is time to climb out of your rut and stride towards your beautiful tomorrow where serenity and love abounds. 


It is time for the next stage of your life; it is time for the Broken-Heart Cure.

Limited Time Only!

Paperback available now for $20.00 + $5 postage anywhere in Australia

The Cure
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